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BREAKING NEWS(07/09/2017):

The Battle of Crampton's Gap is coming close. The dates are 9/15-17. Registration has been open since January 19th and the the $25 fee will be increased to $30 on July 15th! If you are going, please register by July 15th! Register here! Remember, the fee includes a cooked meal Saturday night after the battle and all net proceeds go to the preservation of the Hamilton Willard Shafer farm!

BREAKING NEWS (05/21/2017): Updated the Links and Campaigns pages and the Mobile Site.

Logo of New Market Battlefield State Historical Park

May 20-21, 2017, The 153rd Anniversary of the Battle of New Market, New Market, VA

BREAKING NEWS (05/19/2017): Made some changes to commanders on the Senior Commanders and Join pages.

BREAKING NEWS(12/24/2016):
After serving as commander of the Post at Winchester for about three months, General Steuart found that his wound was growing worse and that he was unfit for the duties of the office. He therefore a furlough of three months, and took his departure for Savannah, Ga. This threw me out of active service, and some time in December, 1862, I went to Staunton and arranged to remain there until such time as General Steuart should be able to take the field.

Here I spent the Christmas of 1862, referred to in the following letter. The picture it gives represents a rare oasis in our Confederate experience.

STAUNTON, December 27, 1862.

We are just through the "festivities" of Christmas and Duncan and I have been wondering how you all enjoyed yourselves on that day. I said "the festivities" of Christmas; they consisted only of a very nicely prepared and beautifully set out family dinner. We had everything that you could think of, except ice-cream and iced fruit, etc. Our plum-pudding too did not have any raisins in it, but cherries made a very good substitute. Shall I give you our bill of fare?--Oyster Soup--Roast Turkey, Ham, Round of Beef, Fresh Beef, Fried Oysters, Lobster Salad--Hominy, Potatoes, Beans, Salsafy, Rice, Dried Fruit --Plum-pudding, Charlotte Russe, Jelly, Pound Cake, and Jelly Cake, Puffs, etc., and Java Coffee! That will do for the Southern Confederacy, where everybody is starving! You must not suppose people generally, however, are so fortunate. Mrs. Phillips is a capital housekeeper, and had large supplies of everything on hand when the war broke out. I only make this enumeration to show you how well Duncan and I fared on Christmas Day. The day was a very happy one to me. We had breakfast about nine, and then family prayers. We attended at the Episcopal Church and heard a beautiful discourse from Dr. Sparrow. I am much delighted with "the dear old Doctor" as he is called. So much learning and piety are seldom found combined with so much simplicity of character and such childlike meekness and love. His prayers and his exhortations are peculiarly delightful. (from A Soldier's Recollections, Leaves from the Diary of a Young Confederate with an Oration of the Motives and Aims of the Soldiers of the South by Randolph H. McKim, Late 1st Lieutenant and A. D. C., 3d Brigade, Johnston's Division, Army of Northern Virginia)

BREAKING NEWS (10/02/2016): Added General Orders No. 16, 17, 18, Special Order No. 8, and Maps for Parking & Unloading and U.S. Mixed Camp to the Perryville 2016 Page

BREAKING NEWS (09/28/2016): Added Circular No. 5, General Order No. 15, and a revised and final CS Military Camp Map to the Perryville 2016 Page

BREAKING NEWS (09/19/2016): Added Circular No. 4, Substitutions Rev 3 to the Perryville 2016 Page

BREAKING NEWS (09/14/2016): Added 12 General Orders, 6 Special Orders, and 1 Map to the Perryville 2016 Page

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BREAKING NEWS (08/07/2016): Added a new page for Perryville 2016. Look here for more updates, forms, maps, etc. Menus have been adjusted. Commanders Page is now Commanders Emeritus Page.

BREAKING NEWS (02/27/2016):Read a new post on the Gazette about a book on reenacting by Dale Waters called Marty's War here!

BREAKING NEWS (02/09/2016):Added a Facebook Link to The Southern Division Living History Association LLC Facebook Page.

BREAKING NEWS(12/25/2015):
CHRISTMAS, Fredericksburg, 1862:
Across the Rappahannock, the Army of Northern Virginia showed more restraint during the holidays. "I spent a most quiet and uninteresting Xmas," William Taliaferro told his wife. "Nothing to eat or drink but a lrg piece of beef & cold water." William Cocke of Pickett's division complained about the tedium of his Christmas fare: Isn't it too hard to dine on the same old thing today that I've had for seven or eight months past? You cannot imagine how it made my mouth water to read about ... 'fine mackerel.'" Some Confederates supplemented their diet creatively for the holidays. Diminutive General Billy Mahone, "not unmindful of creature comforts," kept a pen of turkeys beside his tent. On Christmas morning, he discovered the pen empty and his dinner gone. Some South Carolinians hatched a scheme to get drunk as the Yankees. Earle Lewis of the 5th South Carolina commandeered an officer's frock and a sword, organized a "so-called provost guard," and visited several neighboring Virginia brigades which he understood "had whiskey to sell." Claiming to be from Longstreet's headquarters, Lewis confiscated the alcohol and carried it back to camp. "We had a terrible spree in camp," reported the officer defrauded of his coat, "the boys nearly all getting drunk and kicking up a terrible hurrah!" Awakened by the commotion, General Micah Jenkins seethed at the unseemly display. He waited until morning before he harrangued the hungover Carolinians "very severely for our drunken and disorderly conduct.

Stonewall Jackson spent Christmas hosting a dinner party for Lee, Stuart, and Pendleton, among others, set amid the splendor of Moss Neck. Guests were surrounded by lavish pictures of racehorses and fighting gamecocks. Jeb Stuart feigned disappointment announcing that Jackson's tastes indicated "a great decline in his moral character, which would be a grief and disappointment to the pious old ladies of the South." The indomitable host blushed coyly. At the dinner table, Stuart speared a pat of butter stamped with a fowl, telling the party to behold the Jackson coat-of-arms. The meek general blushed again in delight. Even Lee joined in the fun, kidding Jackson for having a waiter in a white apron. He accused the Secound Corps commander and his staff of "playing soldiers," and of living too well. He invited them to his headquarters to see how real soldiers fared.

from "The Fredericksburg Campaign" by Francis Augustin O'Reilly

BREAKING NEWS (09/20/2015):It's that time again, I've scheduled the Southern Division Annual Meeting for 7 November from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Board Room at Pamplin Park. Please respond to me with your intent to attend by October 10th. All members of SD affiliated units may attend and participate. A small selection of catered meals are available for those interested. My proposed agenda for the meeting is attached.

Thanks, Dick

Annual Meeting Agenda for 11-7-15 here and Perryville Information here and the links are also on the News page.

BREAKING NEWS (09/16/2015):Read General Order No. 5 on the News Page here!

BREAKING NEWS (06/16/2015):Here is a link to the Passing of the Armies sponsored by the Soldiers & Sailors Museum in Pittsburgh. You can get directions here!

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Added new link to the Links page: under National,
Rare Flags

BREAKING NEWS (05/05/2015):

STAFF DISSOLUTION! - Posted a news bulletin on the News page.

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Added 3 more videos of the 150th Appomattox (NPS) to The Gazette.

BREAKING NEWS (04/27/2015):

Added 53 more images from the 150th Appomattox (NPS) courtesy of Mike Scheibe, Keith Murray, Michele Openshaw Fuller, CSpan, Smithsonian.com and others. If you would like to post images, send them to the webmaster address or post on Facebook and friend the webmaster, Keith Murray.

BREAKING NEWS (04/26/2015):

Added General Order No. 1 and Circular #1 from Dick Watters on the News page. Also added 102 images from the 150th Appomattox (NPS) courtesy of Mike Scheibe, Keith Murray, Michele Openshaw Fuller, CSpan and others. There are more to come. If you would like to post images, send them to the webmaster address or post on Facebook and friend the webmaster, Keith Murray.

For larger image Click Here!

BREAKING NEWS (04/15/2015):

The issue of the parole below on the 11th instant at Appomattox Court House Virginia in accordance with General Anders wishes and with the full and unanimous consent of the Battalion and Brigade Commanders of the Southern Division marks the end of an epoch era in the hobby and the beginning of a new one. General Anders has now officially moved on to other personal pursuits and command of the Southern Division was transferred to Richard “Dick” Watters, Brigadier General Cmdg.

Ever active, General Anders evolved from a ‘mere boy in the hobby drawn to the guns’ to perhaps the premier Event Organizer within the hobby. Always innovative, he has created at least three standing organizations and developed a new and unique method of planning and executing events. Never satisfied, if a “tried and true” venue didn’t exist for his fertile plans he found the ground, negotiated the use agreements, and if necessary provided the ‘seed money’ necessary to launch his events. ‘Maryland my Maryland’, ‘Balls Bluff’, and ‘New Market Heights’ are but three that come to mind.

Chris also had the foresight to associate himself and team with established organizational leaders within the hobby such as General Jeff Stepp and General Dave Pridgeon when creating the Southern Division. Additionally, he recruited competent staff. All of that remains and as we wish Chris “smooth sailing” the command within the Southern Division is “stay the course” – with renewed dedication to the original goal of presenting a well-drilled and well-disciplined military organization, honoring to the best of our ability those we seek to portray.

BREAKING NEWS (04/10/2015):

Headquarters, Army of Northern Virginia, 10th April 1865.

General Order No. 9

After four years of arduous service marked by unsurpassed courage and fortitude, the Army of Northern Virginia has been compelled to yield to overwhelming numbers and resources.
I need not tell the survivors of so many hard fought battles, who have remained steadfast to the last, that I have consented to the result from no distrust of them.
But feeling that valour and devotion could accomplish nothing that could compensate for the loss that must have attended the continuance of the contest, I have determined to avoid the useless sacrifice of those whose past services have endeared them to their countrymen.
By the terms of the agreement, officers and men can return to their homes and remain until exchanged. You will take with you the satisfaction that proceeds from the consciousness of duty faithfully performed, and I earnestly pray that a merciful God will extend to you his blessing and protection.
With an unceasing admiration of your constancy and devotion to your Country, and a grateful remembrance of your kind and generous consideration for myself, I bid you an affectionate farewell.

— R. E. Lee, General, General Order No. 9

BREAKING NEWS (04/03/2015):


Ten additional slots for Appomattox Court House NPS have been assigned 2nd Brigade by General Stepp. It is a four day event, Thursday through Sunday, with Wednesday being a ‘move in’ day.

You can go for one or all four but we need to coordinate as we can only place the number of troops specified by the NPS in each surrender scenario. If interested, please email Curtis Utz and me (ruthutz@mac.com and genlstuff@centurylink.net) with:




Emergency contact name

Emergency contact phone

And the days you’re interested in.


Dick Watters

BREAKING NEWS (03/08/2015):Grand Review earlybird price of $25 has been extended to 4/15/2015 for those of you who want to wear the Union blue. For information click here!

BREAKING NEWS (02/19/2015):Updated Mobile Website with Campaign information.

BREAKING NEWS (02/16/2015):Added information about Carnifax Ferry to the Campaigns Page.

BREAKING NEWS (02/12/2015):Abbreviated schedule of campaigns listed on the Campaigns Page.

BREAKING NEWS(02/05/15): Act'g. Maj. Gen. Anders Resigns!

Friends, Comrades and Fellow Reenactors,

For the past 29 years I have truly enjoyed organizing, participating and in general associating with the best people on the planet. From the 125ths through the 150ths, I have never found a greater group of folks to call my friends. From serving in the CMF, to organizing the Liberty Rifles, the Chesapeake Volunteer Guard and finally the Southern Division, I hopefully have built and created friendships that will last a lifetime. And to serve those friends, over the past 17 years I have been proud to team with all of you to organize such events as-

Fire on the Mountain
Summer of 62
To the Gates of Washington
War on the James
Burkittsville, 1862
Morton's Ford
Return to Manassas
September Storm
At High Tide
Ball's Bluff
Shenandoah 1862
Bedford Officer's School
Maryland my Maryland
Down the Valley
Boys of '61
Campaign Before Richmond
Lee Takes Command

And no matter how hard we worked to build the "perfect" event..... the events would have never been the success they were without the level of dedication each and every participant demonstrated. To that I owe all of you my deepest appreciation.

However, the time has come that I hand the reins over to fresh leadership. As I move on into a new direction, I wanted to take a moment to deeply thank all of you for your friendship and the trust you showed by attending the events we organized. For in the end, it is the organizers duty to make the investment the participants make to attend worthy. To me truly it was about serving the hobby and those who came before. To accurately and historically portray those men and women who sacrificed their all for what they believed in. To truly honor and remember them. For the hobby is not really about us, it is about them.

Through the years, I have been blessed to partner with other leaders such as George Heffner, Kevin Air, Mike Lavis, Dave Pridgeon, Danny Snyder, Doug Dobbs, Jeff Stepp, Bob Minton as well as many others. On numerous fields across our Republic, I have been blessed to share campfires with true friends....some old, some new....but the fellowship was always the best part. There comes a time when you have to make hard decisions. When your life takes you in a new direction and I find myself in that position. For if I cannot serve you in the manner that you deserve, then it is time for new leadership.

On April 11, 2015 I will officially resign command of the Southern Division. It is one of the hardest choices I have had to make, however I know it is the right choice. Colonel Richard Watters, who has served faithfully as the Southern Division's AAG will assume command on that date. And one could not find a more worthy successor. Over the past 6 years, Dick has served faithfully, helping me organize and lead event after event. His dedication and vision has enabled our events to reach their full potential. There is no one I trust more. It is very hard to lead an organization or organize events. It is far from being all "glory and fun", and is mostly just plain hard work....work that is often underappreciated and unseen to the thousands of participants. And to be quite frank, often you just piss people off. And now I ask each of you to dedicate yourself to working with Mr. Watters. It is not an easy mantel he is assuming, nor one to be taken lightly. However, his hard work and dedication, not to mention vision, will continue to propel both the Division and the hobby forward.

I want to thank each one of you again, for it is because of each of you that I truly enjoyed this hobby for the past 29 years. There are a few events on the horizon that I will be participating and perhaps organizing, but I can no longer dedicate myself every day to the hobby, and you all deserve someone who can. I will be leading the Federal Forces for the "Crossroads" tactical this May in Gettyburg and there is a good possibility of an event in 2017 commemorating the 151st Seven Days Campaign (held on the same site as Campaign Before Richmond). In closing I just want to congratulate my friend Dick Watters, and also wish him the best, for this hobby is a very demanding one for someone in a leadership role. Sometimes there is just not enough Jameson. I hope perhaps one day to see you all in the field again, but until then, I would hope the hobby will continue it's progress forward. To respectfully and honorably present to the public and each other, the sacrifices of our forefathers.


S. Chris Anders

BREAKING NEWS(01/20/15):
It is with the most profound regret that I pass along the news that Phyllis Stepp passed away suddenly and unexpectedly this past Thursday evening. Jeff, his daughter, and extended family are doing well with the support of their reenacting friends. The family is not holding a traditional funeral. In its place they will hold a 'celebration of her life' in warmer weather on a date to be determined. They are encouraging all of their friends in the reenacting community to attend. A barbeque and blue-grass music shared with the reenactors that Phyllis loved seems most appropriate. At Jeff's request those that are considering a contribution in her honor are requested to direct it to the treasurer of the 26th NC:

Mr.Cole Hutchernson (r_hutcherson@yahoo.com)
2304 Chatham Dr.
Greensboro, NC

BREAKING NEWS(12/30/14):
150th Sailor's Creek
The Southern Division is proud to announce that The 150th Commemoration of the Battle of Sailor’s Creek is now a reality. After “fits and starts” and a major set-back, the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Southern Division have combined forces to organize the event. As in the 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s the event will be held on the original ground. It will entail a four mile moving rear-guard action over the original route that will culminate in the accurate portrayal of the action at Sailor’s Creek.

At this time, the event is limited to 500 total participants. It will be a ‘Campaign’ oriented event, i.e. shelter halves or flys only. Participants should have the appropriate mind set. Confederate States forces will represent Crutchfield’s, Tucker’s, and Moore’s brigades, and Kershaw’s division in historic proportions by prior arrangement with the host unit. United States forces will portray the 2nd and 3rd Brigades of the 1st Division, 6th Corps. Event registration is $10. The event website is currently being constructed and will be fully functional in January. In the interim the public FaceBook group 150’thSailorsCreek has been created to disseminate information.

Interest on the CS side is very high, and at this point we have room for more high quality Federals. Inquiries should be directed to Dick Watters either via FaceBook or email at 150thsailorscreek@centurylink.net.

BREAKING NEWS(12/25/2014):
Read an article about Christmas in the Civil War from the Washington Times.

BREAKING NEWS(11/02/2014):PARADE ROUTE CHANGED On my recent trip to Gettysburg I discovered sewer work on Steinwehr Avenue. A recent email from the Regimental Quartermaster confirmed my suspicions that the route has been altered. The parade in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, will step off at 1pm from LeFever Street and follow the traditional route to Liberty Street, turning left onto Middle Street, left again onto Baltimore, right onto Steinwehr Avenue and finally left onto Taneytown Road. The parade will end at the Soldiers' National Cemetery. Although construction on Steinwehr Avenue has forced the parade route onto Taneytown Road, all Steinwehr Businesses remain open to their customers.

BREAKING NEWS(10/30/2014):

Added a video of Cedar Creek to the Media page.

BREAKING NEWS(10/05/2014):

Added 19 images from the 150th Battle of New Market Heights. To view Click here!

BREAKING NEWS(7/31/2014):

Added 3 videos from the 22nd NC Website. To view Click here!

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Added 3 videos from the 49th NC Facebook Page. To view Click here!

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BREAKING NEWS(5/18/2014):

Read the after action report from the 150th Wilderness & Spotsylvania Reenactment here.

BREAKING NEWS(5/6/2014):

Watch a brief video of the 150th Spotsylvania here.

BREAKING NEWS(3/4/2014):

Added a "lights out" button to the Media page. As you scroll down through the videos and wish to watch them in that size, click out the lights for better viewing.

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Added a new article on Confederate Infantry Longarms by Curt Schmidt to the News page.

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BREAKING NEWS(2/24/2014):

A link to the Rebel Yell

BREAKING NEWS(2/18/2014):

New news bulletin posted on the News page on event updates.

BREAKING NEWS(2/14/2014):

Happy Valentine's Day!

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BREAKING NEWS(1/3/2014):
Problems with the hosting site of our form on the To Join page required switching providers and slightly altering the form.

Happy New Year!

The illustration is by Winslow Homer, and is entitled, "Seeing the Year Out"; January 5, 1861 edition of Harper's Weekly.

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Read two new articles in the Gazette.

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Two new videos on the Media Page from Guy W Gane III and read an article courtesy of Kevin Carl about Lee Takes Command. Also added 100 images to the Photographs Page copied from the Southern Division Facebook Page

BREAKING NEWS(12/16/2013):
Read an article about Christmas in the Civil War from the
Washington Times.

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BREAKING NEWS (11/03/2013): "A true, week long campaign event designed to be, and sure to be, one of the most singular and significant first person events of the sesquesentenial cycle." Red River Campaign, Camden Expedition Check the new "Campaigns" page!

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