Inspector General’s Dept
Bee’s Brigade
Harpers Ferry Virginia10 June 2011
General Order No.} 1 series 1861

The attention of this office has been drawn to recent reports made by credible media sources of muskets manufactured in India sustaining severe catastrophic failures – i.e. bursting. These muskets are therefore considered a personal safety risk not only to the user but also to participants in the general vicinity, regardless of the situation in which the failures have occurred.

Therefore, the use of muskets manufactured in India by members of Bee’s Brigade is strictly prohibited unless the owner can present evidence that the musket has been ‘proof’ tested by a licensed/registered gunsmith. Company, battalion, and regimental commanders are hereby directed to canvass their commands to determine if muskets of Indian manufacture are within them and to ensure that the required testing has been completed and properly verified.

The respective unit commander is to provide a list of Indian produced muskets to the AIG office.

By command of Major G. Heffner
Assistant Inspector General
R. Watters, AAG