From the single individual, to entire units, the Southern Division is now actively recruiting new members to join the ranks.

As well as new recruits, we are looking for Veterans who are seeking a more authentic experience. If you are seeking a truer Civil War experience, then the Southern Division welcomes you to join us on campaign.

No matter where you reside, even if you have none of your gear, there is a unit willing to take you into the ranks. We will be able to provide temporary loaner uniforms of the highest authenticity.

Fill out the form below, and you will be assisted in your selection of Brigade and Battalion affiliations based upon your location or your period impression. Once you fill out this form, click SUBMIT and your information will be forwarded to the recruiting officer. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your information. Please note: Most units have a minimum age requirement in order to take to the field with a weapon.

Join the Southern Division as we strive to honor, remember, and preserve the memory of the Boys of '61 to the best of our ability.